The DMR-UTAH group is a group of Utah HAM radio operators who operate and maintain a MotoTRBO™ radio network. Usage of the repeater system is open to use by all licensed amateur radio operators with the appropriate priviledges.

Information on how to program DMR radios and general system usage information may be found on the Talkgoups tab of this site. You will also find pre-programmed Codeplugs for the more popular DMR radios on the Codeplugs tab.


The DMR-UTAH group has decided to move away from the c-Bridge and move to the BrandMeister Network.


Using Motorola, Hytera, or Homebrew repeaters
The ability to use Dongles to communicate with the network
The ability to communicate with DStar reflectors
Support for location based services for Motorola and Hytera radios with GPS (APRS)


Less network activity, meaning less repeaters until people learn of it and test it. I have looked at the statistics and including all 3 repeaters, we use less than 3 minutes of network based talk groups a day, so I don't consider this a huge loss.

We will still have our local talk groups, so communication among us will not be disrupted. New sample codeplugs for Motorola, Tytera, and CS based radios will be published to ease the transition to the new system. In addition, I will be providing a list of the most commonly used talk groups and how they are configured on the system.

Transition Complete

All of the repeaters in Utah, Boise, and Mesa have been transitioned to BrandMeister.

Questions or comments, please let us know!